My Art Threads

2009-10-18 12:03:52 by KinG-JaKe

Here's my Art Thread

And Here's another thread of mine that is my current art zine project

Plz comment, and enjoi ^^


2009-10-12 19:51:17 by KinG-JaKe

Got a buch of art, but need to be scouted, might do the Halloween contest.

Get Ready Newgrounds

2009-10-10 01:56:02 by KinG-JaKe

I've got alot of art, which I just took pictures of. It's almost 1am, so I'll try posting it tomorrow, but yea I had forgotten just how much I've done in the past couple years.

Get Ready Newgrounds


2009-09-24 21:43:47 by KinG-JaKe

Hopefully I'll start using this site, to upload some art photo's, and I may even use this blog eventually.
If you don't know me my family owns a motorcycle shop named Chariot's of Fire Customs LLC. ( <-Or click my site for the shops site!

-I just bought a '79 Shovelhead touring bike yesterday (non-running). All the part's are their but the gas tanks, just added a pic (10-2-09). Told ya I'd get around to it. Looks like a huge piece of shit, but this way I'll learn all the older stuff, and believe me I didn't get hurt on it. ;)


Guess this is a blogy dealy

2009-09-20 21:38:19 by KinG-JaKe

yea fuck this